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Welcome to the first of my blogging series here at my online studio. Here you will find my most current artworks, projects and products for sale. I will also be sharing parts of my creative working process and the art products I use.

What is KARMUR Design? - Karmur design gave birth when i was designing products and came to the conclusion that i should have a more condensed name than my own.

I went name searching and came up with Karmur, it was created from taking parts of my name putting them together to create what i have now Karmur.

Upon research i found Karmur has a few meanings in different languages, one of the main reasons i chose my design name was its likeness to the word; 

Karma - meaning spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect)

I strongly believe in manifestation and karma, and thought it would be great for my new design name KARMUR.

This year I am planning to create artwork and products by gathering inspiration from my current state of travel. As I also travel around Australia working state to state and sometimes working overseas.

At this point I will mostly be focusing on my own expereinces from the Australian/New Zeland environment and lifestyle to share. Whilst also working on other personal art/creative related projects.

I hope you enjoy looking around 


  Thank you for visiting!

             Karinah x o