Concept Art ??

I'm sitting here, trying to accomplish a dream, that one day, i may somehow, be able to use my skill (Visual art) to work and make a living. So i research, and one of the things i see that has potential, is possibly the gaming industry??. I'm not a gamer really, i have to be honest, but there seems to be more of a demand for this type of work, then as to freelance illustrators and  freelancing artists.

Who knows #confused ?   Attempt one .

Do you believe in artists?

The question of my day today, Is will I, or we as creatives ever really make it truly as artists. The world industry of mass production,  dirt cheap prices , speedy turnover makes me question, do people still believe in art and or artists anymore?. I feel as an artist that we could be possibly be a dying trade?. How do we keep ourselves authentic, when demands are most likely whether the artwork will go with the customers curtains or not?,   When money is becoming the sole focus of creating art, do we loose our creative authenticity and become a shadow of ourselves, creating artwork purely for profit and the peoples demands. I know not all people are like this, but as an example, walking through Kmart homewares isle, i observe the framed prints being visually portrayed as if they were some what art pieces, i'm not sure, would you classify them as art?.  I feel the line between art and decoration are somewhat getting confused. I know some people that justify any type of work with properties of color, shape and basic design = art, what is it that separates "art" from the rest, and will we artists be able to make it as true artists.

If your an artist, have any artist friends, or just feel like you want your say, please feel free to comment, i would love to hear what you all have to say about 'making it as an artist'.